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AUFS Productions is a subsection of the society, established in 2017, with the aim of creating a single high quality film every year (which is then submitted to film festivals). The production process is typically more structured and professional, with clearer divisions between the different departments.

It is a more intensive and time consuming experience than typical AUFS productions, but if you wish to help create a high quality film in a more serious environment, don't hesitate to join, it's still great fun!


This year we are continuing to build upon what we learnt in 2017-18 and 2018-19 in order to produce the highest quality film possible. Come to our weekly meetings and like our Facebook page in order to stay updated!


2035 (Working Title)
2035 (Working Title)

Society has collapsed due to climate change. A girl has to deal with the consequences of this situation in an abandoned city and forest.


Crowdfunding campaign

In order to finance 2035, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign, which you can support by following this link.

Sustainability Manifesto

AUFS Productions is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and granting the sustainability of its film productions. Due to the current climate emergency, fostered by the some of the themes 2035 briefly engages with, the production wants to clearly establish a set of goals that ensure the coherence of its environmental involvement.
Therefore, budget permitting, AUFS Production will make an effort to enforce the following measures:

  • Reuse old props and materials
  • Source costumes and props from second charity shops and second hand stores (alternatively connect with producers of ethically made clothing)
  • Engage with third parties that are also concerned with sustainability
  • Grant a sustainable catering, including vegetarian and vegan options and focus on locally sourced food
  • Reduce the use of plastic and paper in every stage of the production (including call sheets, documents and catering services)
  • Encourage the consumption of tap water and reusable bottles
  • Reduce waste and enforce a recycling disposal

The producers and Heads of Department commit to abide to the above guidelines and ask everyone involved in the production to contribute to ensure the sustainability of the project. For any questions or suggestions on how to improve, get in contact with the producers.

Thank you for the collaboration,

Sofia Ferrara


In Her Image
In Her Image

Alex and Heather met fresher year of Uni and have been inseparable ever since. Now that University is ending the two have to confront their relationship and decide its future.


In Her Image is the second short film by AUFS Productions. The group has built on the experience of the previous year, trying to consolidate the creative and working relationships among people and departments. In particular, this film tried to experiment with mise en scene and setting, highlighting the work of the Art Department.

Pre-production of In Her Image has concluded in December 2018 and the film was shot over a week at the end of January 2019. The film is currently in post production.



Ewan's life is turned upside down when he loses his job in the oil industry and has no idea how to react.


With Crude we challenged ourselves to make a higher quality short film which could be submitted to festivals. In order to achieve this, we brought together a team of 20 people, spilt into four departments to begin pre-production in September 2017. That semester we hosted auditions for the first time, hired equipment and scouted out new locations we had never shot before.

We shot Crude over five days that November, which was bitterly cold, but we all had the most amazing time. The final cut was completed August 2018 and since then Crude has been part of the official section for the St. Andrews Film Festival and the Watford Short Film Festival 2019.

Crude was the first film made by AUFS Productions.