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In Her Image
November 2019

In Her Image
November 2019

Alex and Heather met fresher year of Uni and have been inseparable ever since. Now that University is ending the two have to confront their relationship and decide its future.


Directed by: Sofia Ferrara
Written by: Maud Woolf and Averie Watson
Story: Anita Markoff
Produced by: Duncan Currie and Simona Juskaite
Cinematography: Gavin Steven
Editing: Karolina Smolova, Mona Thierse
Sound: Rachel Walker, Radeen Moncrieffe and Jaime Perault


In Her Image is the second short film by AUFS Productions. The group has built on the experience of the previous year, trying to consolidate the creative and working relationships among people and departments. In particular, this film tried to experiment with mise en scene and setting, highlighting the work of the Art Department.

Pre-production of In Her Image has concluded in December 2018 and the film was shot over a week at the end of January 2019. The film is currently in post production.


Post-Production: Adobe Premiere Pro