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Quiet La La Rocky Notting Alien Love
October 2019

Quiet La La Rocky Notting Alien Love
October 2019

From the minds of Richard Curtis and Ridley Scott… and Steven Spielberg, Damien Chazelle and John Krasinski, comes an idea never before dared. A collaboration of romance, horror, action, comedy... and animation I guess.


Produced by: Radeen Moncrieffe and Mark Webb
Cinematography: Lucía Iglesias Muñoz, Zuzanna Piekarska and James Strachan
Edited by: Zuzanna Piekarska and James Strachan
Starring: Saara Emilia Hämäläinen, Caitlin Jones, Daniel Mohr, Mona Thierse and Mark Webb
Additional creators: Nikyle Bakrania, Louise Balaguer, Adam Fraser and Valerie Safira
‏‏‎ : Written and directed collectively


For our 3 Week Project, several members of the society decided to create a parody of several iconic Hollywood movies: A Quiet Place, La La Land, Rocky, Alien, Notting Hill and Love, Actually in the form of an extended supertrailer.