On the 18th of January 2020, AUFS (previously known as Cinergi) will be celebrating its 20th anniversary.

In order to celebrate, we are inviting all members and ex-members back to Aberdeen, for a ball preceded by an optional day-long filmmaking challenge.

Because of the way facebook works, we have set up a facebook profile from which we can send friend requests to ex-members, in order to redirect them to a dedicated facebook group where we shall post more information shortly. (This is because Facebook doesn't allow you to invite people to a group if they haven't interacted with your page in the previous week)

Once you're invited to the group, please don't hesitate to invite any ex-members of AUFS/Cinergi you know! We want it to serve as an opportunity for past members to reconnect with the people they met and the time they spent at Aberdeen University, and within this society.